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Discussion regarding EQWiki as well as any information to be added to the wiki.
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Submission Criteria

Post by Rudeboy88 » 21 Sep 2017 11:46

At this time the Wiki is pretty new and I have made it so I am the only one capable of editing pages. I would like to keep Wiki discussion here in order to allow the maximum visibility and dialogue for what's on it, and though I'm the only person editing it directly right now that will not always be the way it is. With that said, the criteria for submissions are as follows:

Subject or Page to create/add to:
Information to be added:

At this time, the following websites and projects have been used for information on the Wiki: (EQ box images) (may need wayback machine; a new version has taken up the name atm it seems)*/ (thx P99) (DB and forums)*/ /
the sources listed at this post on P99's forums: - The bugs forum in particular can provide some Q&A on issues you may be researching (try for GM confirmed if using it as a source). - The Wiki at P99 is not always 100% accurate as it is overseen by the players mostly, but has a lot of good information, and has been used to confirm information from other sources. can provide similar information to the websites above, though it is not recommended. The statistics and numerical data for drop rates provided by will not be accepted.

What to look for:

-Patch notes
-Game logs from the era (this one might be hard to find)
-Comments on reliable sites from around the time, or earliest comments possible surrounding a mob, its zone or loot.
+++Example: The Realm of the Heroes quest was one that spanned all servers, involving a GM event fight between Firiona Vie and the Faceless in Lesser Faydark, and some turn-in NPCs in most towns (example: Zapho the Ancient of Ak'Anon). Participants had the chance of being rewarded a token for such items as Sir Jevik's Blessed Cape, or a 1 ac 100 mana necklace. Though listed as a Kunark quest on Allakhazam, the findings between an old guild forum and Allakhazam show the quest's earliest documentation is from February 22, 2001-March 5, 2001; making it a likely addition in the February 21, 2001 update.

Good places to start:
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